French Press Coffee Makers

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French Press Coffee MakerWith the rise of all these high tech coffee machines, you’ll find that even the simplest machine can still produce quality results. The French press coffee has certainly found a lot of mechanized competitors in the past, but it manages to remain in a class all its own.

One of the strengths of having a French press coffee maker is that it takes up less space than a coffee machine and makes a killer cup of coffee that many consider superior to drip coffee. Coarse coffee beans can be placed inside the plunger and pressed, letting the coffee flavor mix with the hot water. It’s a simple device, a pot with a plunger, and it’s one of the simplest ways to get freshly-brewed coffee. Depending on how much coffee you put in, how long you let it steep, and how hot the water is you can vary how your coffee turns out so that it comes out just the way you want it. We are big fans of the one cup french press travel mugs that come with a plunger and insulated mug all in one. All you do is put in the grounds and hot water and press the filter down and you've got a perfect cup of french press coffee on the go!

French Press Coffee Makers

Another reason why French press coffee is still a favorite for many coffee fanatics is because it’s economical. While more people are looking for their coffee calling in highly complicated espresso machines that can produce brewed coffee, latte, hot tea, and chocolate, french press coffee lets you enjoy your coffee without complicating the matter. They’re simple enough that you can even bring your French press coffee maker with you, so you can enjoy freshly-brewed coffee whenever and wherever you want, all that you need is hot water.

We do recommend you buy a high quality french press, one that is stainless steel instead of aluminum so that it will last for a long time. The nicer ones also tend to filter out the grounds better and produce a better cup of coffee. While the whole world may have benefited with the technological age, sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring you the most pleasure and a good french press coffee maker is one of them.

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